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"Homeland Security is much more than a textbook. It is an indispensable reference resource for those seeking to understand how terrorists operate and the structures and mechanisms that have been developed to respond to the magnitude of the terrorist threats confronting us.”

The Washington Times

“[T]he best. . . .The book is extremely well organized for an undergraduate class in homeland security.”

—Homeland Security Affairs

The Book Every Homeland Pro, Studentand Concerned Citizen NeedsHomeland Security: A Complete Guide (2nd Edition) is the critically-acclaimed, authoritative guide and leading university textbookon the current situation and history, mission, and evolution of the national homeland security/homeland defense enterprise, including federal, state, local, and private sector efforts. Includes detailed inside information on how the system works, plus insights on WMD; family preparedness and business continuity; cyber security; major terrorist plots, attacks, tactics and weapons; and the most important terrorist groups facing America today, including Iran and its terrorist arm Hezbollah. Used by university and college homeland security programs across the nation.